Internet of Things-Our future with technology

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5 Ways the IoT Can Change the Business

  • Remote Work

  • Data Sharing And Perception

  • Inventory Tracking and Management

  • Productivity And Efficiency

  • Skilled Workers

    With the partnership between key industry players and Cloud Creative jointly working to provide end-to-end IoT solutions, meeting your business needs.

Solutions by Industries:

Fleet Management

Location Tracking

Operation Monitoring

Dispatch and scheduling


People tracking

Behavior analysis

Pharmacy management

Signage Solutions

Supply Chain

Cargo Tracking

Cargo Temperature Monitoring 
Inventory Management

Scheduling and dispatch 


Waste management

Road traffic Monitoring

Public parking system

Crowd/ vehicle analytics

Facial recognition



Sentiment Analysis

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Inventory Management

Signage Solutions

Indoor navigation


Electricity/ gas metering

Water metering

Billing system


Production planning and monitoring

Predictive maintenance

Environment Monitoring.

Intelligent Farming Solution

In-field operation

On-field operation (Drone)

HQ Operation Management

Mobile Management

Big Data.