Cloud Creative  Webinars Series


Cloud Creative Webinar Series: "Data strategy - How to implement data analytics in an organization?".

Cloud Creative is working on Analytics for long. As a part of our initiative towards learning, our speaker "Khan Muhammad Saqiful Alam" discussed below topics in this webinar:

• A basic overview of what is Data Analytics, Data Science and Big Data
• Some examples of global use cases
• What is the state of Data Analytics and Data Science in Bangladesh?
• How companies can attempt to be Data Driven?
• What can a professional or graduating student do, to build up skills in this area?


Cloud Creative Webinar Series: "Introduction to VDI solutions in AWS".

AWS VDI refers to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment on Amazon Web Services™ (AWS), Amazon’s on-demand cloud computing platform. While VDI solutions are traditionally deployed on-premises, it’s now possible to deploy them on the AWaS cloud. Because of COVID-19, current AWS customers scaling up their use of VDI to support their sudden move to a largely remote workforce.